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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why must I pay $50 admin and transport fee once I confirm the quote?

    This is an industry practice and is fair cost reimbursement to the contractor, who would provide consulting upon seeing the problem. By using this app, you enjoy the advantage of getting an initial obligation free quote for the repair / installation services and potential parts / item replacement cost. The $50 is only payable if a quote meets your expectation and you’ve selected the contractor.

    Why is it important to put in the brand / model number of the equipment that may required repair?

    Different brands have different design (eg. Joints), whilst our contractors are experience, from picture, they can only make a good guess. In the event that the equipment turned out to be different, they might have to return another day with the correct parts for repair/ replacement. Do note, in the event that there is part or whole item replacement, for high end brands, where there is no substitute, there might be variation to the part quote initially provided.

    What if the contractor does not show up?

    Please call the contractor directly and if there is no satisfactory response, please call support at 98282893.

    What if the contractor shows up but there is no one at the premise?

    Contractor will contact the customer directly via the App, the longest time the contractor will wait is 15 mins. If there is no show after 15 mins, a separate appointment would have to be made and there will be an additional $50 charge.

    What if there is/are addition job(s) required when the contractor is on-site?

    Client should put in a new job request, ……………. If the additional job is done on the side, without going through the App, in the event that the work requires follow-up, the company will not provide support for this.

    What if the contractor, whilst providing repair and installation services cause damages?

    Please resolve directly with the contractor. However, if an agreement cannot be reached do contact support at 98282893. At all times, please take and provide picture of the damage to support at XXXX.

    What if contractor leaves a mess after the job?

    All contractors shortlisted to provide services on this App / platform have been briefed and has agreed to reasonable housekeeping practices. Eg. all dust and material waste and packaging etc arising from the repair and installation must be cleared and hand prints wiped off. If this does not meet your satisfactory, please call support at 98282893, with a picture of the unsatisfactory area. You can also reflect that in the post job feedback.

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